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Download Stress: A Barbour Guide

04/12/2019 Downloads
At times, stress can be positive. It can give us impetus and drive and help us make decisions and act quickly. Too often, however, it is ruinous, and the catalyst for serious mental health issues. HR...
Talking to a colleague may help prevent suicide

Talking to a suicidal employee can save their life

24/10/2019 Blog
Employees and employers could potentially prevent a colleague from committing suicide, by simply engaging in an open conversation with them. There is a common belief that talking about suicide with...
Biophilic Design

How biophilic design can transform workspaces forever

24/10/2019 Blog
Biophilic design might seem like a pretentious name for a simple concept, sticking a few plants in an office, but significant evidence and research suggests carefully planning a workspace or urban...
Burnout and stress

Burnout, stress and being human

24/10/2019 Blog
In May 2019, the World Health Organization announced that in the ICD11 (international classification of mental illnesses) there would be a new category of “burnout” as an occupational phenomenon –...