2019 Agenda

Workplace Wellbeing Theatre

With 300,000 losing their jobs every year because of poor mental health, now is the time for employers to act.

Mind’s Chief Executive, Paul Farmer, was asked by the Prime Minister to undertake an independent review into how employ-ers can better support the mental health of employees. In this talk his colleague, Faye McGuinness, will provide an overview of the findings from the ‘Stevenson/Farmer: Thriving at Work’ review. In addition, she will share:

  • Update on the progress that has been made since the re-port was published
  • Guidance on how employers can implement the core and enhanced mental health standards
  • Best practice from the range of workplace wellbeing in-terventions being delivered across the UK
  • Useful resources for employers which save money and time

Faye McGuinness
Head of Workplace Wellbeing Programmes,

Are the people in your organisation energised, motivated and valued? Would your customers/clients agree? Less than half of UK employees feel that they’re supported by their colleagues when they need it and 60% state that their workplace directly contributes to poor mental health.
In this interactive session, we will explore emotional health as the foundation for good mental health in the workplace. We will demonstrate how you can enhance the emotional health of your employees and the relationships between them. The positive benefits extend beyond individual employees and their families into the organisation as a whole. This can allow both the people and the organisation’s vision and purpose to flourish.

Rown Smith
Head of Training
Family Links: The Centre for Emotional Health

Mary Taylor
Head of Programmes
Family Links: The Centre for Emotional Health

Over the past 12 months Oakwood Training have been helping Next look after the mental health and wellbeing of their staff. From developing corporate policies and wellbeing charters to creating and delivering comprehensive training programs and procedures.

Terry and Andy will share their journey with you.

  • Why things needed to change
  • How they started
  • The importance of board-level buy-in
  • How they overcame any objections and obstacles along the way
  • What’s next for Next? How do you keep the momentum going?

Andy Latham
Head of Health, Safety and Wellbeing
Next PLC

Terry Streather
Director and Head of Training
Oakwood Training

Laing O’Rourke is a champion of employee health and wellbeing, with comprehensive prevention and intervention programmes, training courses and employee engagement projects which are proving to make a real difference. But this wasn’t always the case. 5 years ago, their health and wellbeing strategy was much less mature.

In this talk visitors will hear about Laing O’Rourke’s journey. As well as hearing how they cover fundamental legal requirements, you will hear about a range of projects they’ve run for 4,000 construction workers across 70 sites. Including: mental health, MSD and fast-track to physio programmes. Other programmes include:

  • Annual ‘best improver’ competition, for employees wanting to lose weight, improve resilience and capacity, and generally improve their lifestyle choices.
  • Raising awareness of the importance of physical health and exercise on mental health by running a charity cy-cle challenge during the working week. Employees cov-ered a distance equal to the distance from London to Sydney.
  • Campaign to protect outdoor workers from skin cancer, presented in House of Commons
  • Plus – plans to improve for the future

Silvana Martin
Health and Wellbeing Leader
Laing O’Rourke

This session will explore the significant changes that have happened over the past 18 months regarding how businesses are approaching mental health and wellbeing in the workplace and what is next for solution-focused best practice.

Claire Farrow
Conference Director
Mad World Forum

Rob Stephenson
Inside Out

Kendelle Tekstar
Senior Product Manager
Acre Frameworks

Stacy Thomson
The Performance Club

Through a new initiative called ‘Talk to Me’, Siemens is shifting the focus of conversations about safety and wellbeing. EHS are facilitating the initiative, operational managers are taking ownership, and safety & wellbeing are now discussed together as part of the same conversation. Hear about the full scope of the initiative in this case study.

Louise Ward
EHS Director

Recognising the fact that people have lives outside work too, and factors which can impact on health and wellbeing.

Karen McDonnell
Occupational Health and Safety Policy Advisor

Workplace Wellbeing Theatre

  • Workplace wellbeing is a vital element to the suc-cess of your company, but does nutrition form part of it?
  • Employees who are well – physically, mentally and socially, are more productive, creative and en-gaged, helping their organisations achieve greater success
  • Nutrition is now recognised as a powerful interven-tion tool to support employee wellbeing and can complement any wellbeing programme, helping to maximise workplace performance.
  • Stress, anxiety, productivity and performance con-cern us all, and energy is the new time. Improved nutrition can support employee wellbeing and resil-ience.

This talk will present ways improve workplace nutrition to help employees eat better, one bite at a time.

Catherine Attfield
Head of Nutrition and Wellbeing, Artizian and Co-Founder
Nutition Bites

  • Trends in what employees want from their work-places
  • Differences between generations and different types of worker
  • How to design a workplace which positively impacts productivity and wellbeing
  • What to avoid
  • Examples of leading projects

Hannah Nardini
Workplace Consultant & Designer

Employees are increasingly looking to their organisation to show that it cares for their mental as well as physical health and wellbeing. This talk will look at ways to proactively manage this area and the positive impact this can have on the business including:

  • Research and innovation – the move from fruit boxes to 4D relaxation pods
  • Taking a multidisciplinary approach – collaboration across the various functions including health & safety, HR and medical professionals
  • Impact on recruitment and retention – as the market becomes more competitive, organisations want to attract the top talent while minimising recruitment costs through low staff turn over
  • The changing generational focus – from the snow-flake generation to the baby boomers, what do the various employee groups want from an organisation?

Nichola Ebbern
Associate Director
Capita Real Estate and Infrastructure

Peter will provide an update on the practical guidance and tools, including the Talking Toolkit, that will help employers take effective action in preventing work-related stress and mental ill-health.

Peter Kelly
Senior Psychologist
Health and Safety Executive

With Slips, Trips and Falls becoming increasingly important on people's agendas its important to explore the following:

  • What is required of you? (Exploring The Health & Safety at work act 1974 and The Management of Health and Safety at work regulations 1999 in relation to slip risk)
  • What Should I be doing to protect the public, my employees and ultimately my bottom line?
  • Why should I be doing this? Your Moral compass, Duty of Care, reducing incidents, saving money.......
  • Effectively measuring and managing the risk of slip; cost-effective solutions

Harry Beacall
Business Development Manager
SlipTest Ltd

Sleep, together with cardio-vascular fitness and nutrition, form the three pillars of good health.There is no part of our physical or mental health that can’t be linked back to sleep. When we are sleep deprived, we suffer more frequently from short term ill health.

Over time sleep deprivation has been linked to an increased risk of chronic health conditions including obesity, diabetes, heart disease and certain types of cancer. We are also much more likely to suffer from poor mental health including anxiety and depression.

Sleep is crucial to how we function during the day. This includes our performance at work. Our cognition, executive functioning and creativity are affected. Our vocabulary also becomes impaired. Our domestic, family and social lives can also be affected. Sleep deprivation affects our personal and professional relationships.

In the US studies have shown that roughly one third of the population are regularly failing to obtain sufficient good quality sleep. Tiredness and fatigue are unproductive, costly, unhealthy and unsafe. This presentation will help you understand how to tackle fatigue in your organisation.

Marcus de Guingand
Managing Director
Third Pillar of Health

  • Drug consumption in the UK – new and emerging drug trends; usage statistics for various illegal drugs and legal highs; misuse of prescription drugs in the workplace
  • Cannabis and CBD oil – challenges for employers with legal availability
  • Alcohol consumption in the UK – patterns of use; demographic splits; trends in different regions; drink driving
  • Trends in test results sent from employers to SYNLAB UK – the percentage of employees who fail and what’s being found in positive test results
  • Creating, implementing and reviewing drug and alcohol policies
  • Who can you test and how

Samantha Francis
Training Consultant

Are you in the right role within the right business to truly thrive? Are you a business that offers an employee experience where your people are holistically thriving? This session will explore how fit for role, line management relationships, professional development planning, personal/business value alignment, and team dynamics impact employee wellbeing.

Josh Jeffries
Senior Development Coach
Acre Frameworks

Anna Keen
Acre Frameworks

Muiris O'Carroll
Talent Assessment Consultant
Acre Frameworks

Workplace Wellbeing Theatre

  • What employers are legally responsible for
  • Understanding legal changes which make Mental Health First Aid requirement
  • Legal cases where Mental Health First Aid has been mishandled

Heather Beach
The Healthy Work Company

Pam Loch
Managing Director
Loch Associates Group

This session will explore the landscape and projected direction of the burgeoning wellbeing industry, and where it intersects health and safety in different organisations through the eyes of three senior leaders with long-standing track records in the H&S industry. It will also examine what type of talent businesses are recruit-ing to effectively deliver on wellbeing in the workplace.

Jonathan Gawthrop
Account Director
Emcor UK

Steve Howells
Group HSSE Director
Ladbrokes Coral Group

Matthew Rae
Director, Safety and Wellbeing

Kendelle Tekstar
Senior Product Manager
Acre Frameworks

A group of bus drivers at Abellio volunteered to take part in an 8-week mindfulness course, which had been developed internally with help of Chris Langer, a mindfulness coach. The bus drivers were encouraged to spend around 40 minutes per day listening to an audio guide and doing short exercises. The results were staggering.

A lot of those taking part experienced daily abuse from passengers, which took its toll mentally. One driver reported taking prescription medication for migraines but said that since starting the mindfulness course he hadn’t needed to take any more tablets. Another driver found that the stress of dealing with other road users put him in a bad mood, and as a result was getting several passenger complaints each week. By the fourth week of the course, however, the complaints stopped altogether.

As an independent body, the University of Southampton monitored the programme and the feedback from drivers, collating the results on behalf of Abellio and CIRAS.

The project was headed up by Monica Monti, who was at Abellio at the time and is now at GEODIS, and Chris Langer of CIRAS. In this case study Monica and Chris will share what worked well and what they would change if they were to do it again. The presentation aims to be an informative and interactive discussion, opening up an innovative, preventative approach to tackling incidents long before they happen.

Chris Langer
Project Change Manager

Monica Monti
Head of Health, Safety, Security and Compliance
Geodis United Kingdom Ltd

In this fascinating talk, Andy will discuss working under pressure, how human factors play their part and how to detect behaviours.

The subjects Andy will discuss include working under pressure (emotional vs. rational mindsets), individual self-awareness and stress responses, advanced body language recognition (behaviour detection and reading the signs), neutral behaviour versus hostile body language and individual skills to reduce pressure and create positive outcomes. Andy will also conduct a class demonstration in sensory overload, so come prepared!

Andy will take you on a journey to identify when your behaviour is influenced by external pressures.

Andy Neal
Global Security Solutions, Cardinus Risk Man


Joscelyne Shaw
Director of Strategy
Mates in Mind