What is Connect 2021?


Connect 2021, taking place online from 1-30 June, is your opportunity to come together with like-minded professionals to discuss wellbeing in the workplace. The month-long event will enable you to connect with fellow wellbeing leaders, find solutions to workplace wellbeing challenges and access thought-leadership content.

What you can expect from Connect 2021:

Connect with the right people

The AI augmented platform will be able to suggest industry professionals and suppliers to meet with as well as showcase products that are relevant to you.

Who exhibits?

The diverse mix of exhibitors can support you in a range of areas, including: mental health training; financial wellbeing; physical health; methods for reducing drug and alcohol abuse; and more from leading suppliers including Westfield Health, Go Vox, British Heart Foundation, Cyclehoop and MyEva.

Discover a whole new audience of professionals invested in improving workplace wellbeing

HR Professionals

Facilities Managers

Health & Safety Practitioners