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Workplace Wellbeing Theatre

Mental health and the law
10:45 - 11:15
The Healthy Work Company
Managing Director
Loch Associates Group

• What employers are legally responsible for
• Understanding legal changes which make Mental Health First Aid requirement
• Legal cases where Mental Health First Aid has been mishandled

The wellbeing professional of the future
12:45 - 13:15
Account Director
Emcor UK
Group HSSE Director
Ladbrokes Coral Group
Director, Safety and Wellbeing
Senior Product Manager
Acre Frameworks

This session will explore the landscape and projected direction of the burgeoning wellbeing industry, and where it intersects health and safety in different organisations through the eyes of three senior leaders with long-standing track records in the H&S indus-try. It will also examine what type of talent businesses are recruit-ing to effectively deliver on wellbeing in the workplace.

How an 8-week mindfulness course improved drivers’ safety and employees’ health at Abellio
13:30 - 14:00
Project Change Manager
Head of Health, Safety, Security and Compliance
Geodis United Kingdom Ltd

A group of bus drivers at Abellio volunteered to take part in an 8-week mindfulness course, which had been developed internally with help of Chris Langer, a mindfulness coach. The bus drivers were encouraged to spend around 40 minutes per day listening to an audio guide and doing short exercises. The results were staggering.

A lot of those taking part experienced daily abuse from passengers, which took its toll mentally. One driver reported taking prescription medication for migraines but said that since starting the mindfulness course he hadn’t needed to take any more tablets. Another driver found that the stress of dealing with other road users put him in a bad mood, and as a result was getting several passenger complaints each week. By the fourth week of the course, however, the complaints stopped altogether.

As an independent body, the University of Southampton monitored the programme and the feedback from drivers, collating the results on behalf of Abellio and CIRAS.

The project was headed up by Monica Monti, who was at Abellio at the time and is now at GEODIS, and Chris Langer of CIRAS. In this case study Monica and Chris will share what worked well and what they would change if they were to do it again. The presentation aims to be an informative and interactive discussion, opening up an innovative, preventative approach to tackling incidents long before they happen.

Working under pressure and behavioral detection
14:15 - 14:45
Global Security Solutions, Cardinus Risk Man

In this fascinating talk, Andy will discuss working under pressure, how human factors play their part and how to detect behaviours.

The subjects Andy will discuss include working under pressure (emotional vs. rational mindsets), individual self-awareness and stress responses, advanced body language recognition (behaviour detection and reading the signs), neutral behaviour versus hostile body language and individual skills to reduce pressure and create positive outcomes. Andy will also conduct a class demonstration in sensory overload, so come prepared!

Andy will take you on a journey to identify when your behaviour is influenced by external pressures.

Mates in Mind
15:00 - 15:30
Director of Strategy
Mates in Mind