Marcus de Guingand

Marcus de Guingand
Managing Director
Third Pillar of Health

After graduating from Newcastle University with a degree in Economics and Social Policy Marcus embarked on a 6-year stint in the City of London as part of the Institutional banking team at RBS – a role which means he has a good understanding of the pressures many of us face in our day-to-day jobs. Marcus left banking in 2006 to bring a concept from the US to the UK in customised chairs to take controlled rest breaks (naps) during the working day.

In 2011 Third Pillar of Health was born after a split of the equipment and consultancy arms. Third Pillar of Health helps organisations improve key business metrics through helping staff overcome the debilitating health, safety and productivity effects of tiredness, sleep deprivation and fatigue through assessments, training, online learning and interactive workshops.

Our online assessment and training programmes have been developed in conjunction with leading sleep research scientists and Marcus has run numerous face-to-face and online training sessions for a wide variety of clients and job roles.

Marcus has recently embarked on a 3-year programme of work with Transport for London to identify key fatigue hotspots, to recommend interventions and to track the effectiveness of those interventions. Marcus has also worked with 11 UK police forces and household names such as Diageo, Oracle, “K” Line LNG, Simply Business, Innospec, Lend Lease, Unilever and many other organisations.