Harry Beacall

Harry Beacall - Speaker
Business Development Manager
SlipTest Ltd

Harry has first-hand experience when it comes to identifying potential high slip risk areas and thrives on working with customers to reduce the risk of slip posed by their floor surfaces in the most cost-effective ways. Harry had worked with customers from all types of industries such as food manufacturing, shopping centres, leisure centres, bus and train stations to implement in house solutions to effectively reduce and properly manage the risk of slip.

Harry takes time to help customers understand their duty of care by exploring The Health and Safety at work act 1974 and The Management of Health and Safety at work regulations 1999, interpreting and relating there to the customer's everyday environments. It's key to understand that each business is different and what is required to properly fulfil your duty of care can differ significantly.

Harry's practical knowledge of the coefficient of friction has made him a popular speaker at recent Health and Safety events over the last couple of years. Many customers have found his recommendations and advice have significantly reduced the number of reported incidents on their premises saving them time, money and improving staff morale.

Harry has extensive knowledge of both the Pendulum and the SlipAlert - the only two pieces of equipment recognised by the HSE and is able to discuss the benefits of each piece of equipment and the environments they are most appropriate for.

Harry has an ongoing and professional relationship with the former chairman of the BSI committee which was responsible for BS7976 ( The Pendulum Standard) who has been keen to share his unrivalled expertise with Harry to benefit customers all over the UK.