Hannah Nardini

Hannah Nardini - Speaker
Workplace Consultant & Designer

Hannah Nardini is one of the UK’s leading workplace strategists applying her 24years of experience in the design of office interiors and the workplace. 

Starting her career in Interior Design she went on to study Psychology paying focus to how people interact with each other and the environment they are within and understanding how this affects outcomes. 

Hannah has a unique and holistic approach to workplace solutions. Her focus is on creating a great and practical work environment that inspires occupants to perform at their best. 

Along the way, she will help customers to increase productivity and happiness levels, reduce real estate portfolios, build a positive workplace culture, reduce attrition rates and attract the new, yet an elusive generation of workers. 

WKorkspace now offers a joined-up consultancy process for clients on a global platform which means Hannah regularly undertakes public speaking and conference engagements worldwide on a wide range of workplace, wellbeing and office design issue