Catherine Attfield

Catherine Attfield- Speaker
Head of Nutrition and Wellbeing, Artizian and Co-Founder
Nutition Bites

Catherine joined Artizian Catering in 2012 & is responsible for driving all aspects of the company's nutrition & wellbeing strategy for Artizan's clients & their employees. She co-founded Nutrition-Bites with MD Alison Frith, in 2017, on the back of an increasing corporate interest in nutrition, as part of an employee health & wellbeing strategy. Over 50% of what employees eat is consumed whilst at work. Learning how to fuel oneself better is of paramount importance, particularly when it comes to supporting one’s emotional, physical & mental wellbeing.

Catherine has been instrumental in creating Thrive, an evidence-based, digital, nutrition & wellbeing subscription to help employees thrive against the issues affecting workplace wellbeing today. Thrive empowers employees to make Small Changes = BIG Impact, in the way they eat, whilst at work. It enables employees to develop nutrition knowhow to move away from mindless eating to more conscious eating, one bite at a time. We call this Intelligent Eating!

Catherine’s work has been recognised nationally. She has created award-winning nutrition & wellbeing solutions to support workplace wellbeing, providing employees with the foundations they need to perform at their best. Catherine constantly drives the groups’ thought leadership in developing healthy eating strategies that are ‘nutritionally-led, chef inspired’, & is the key driver for all of the groups the health & wellbeing initiatives. With over 25 years’ experience working in food, she has become an essential part of the groups’ senior management team driving their Intelligent Eating programme to encourage clients & their employees to move from mindless eating to conscious eating, through educating, informing & inspiring people to eat well at work.

Catherine has had an extensive career, with some of her previous roles including: Account Directorship for McCann Erickson, GGT & Publicis, creating prestigious advertising for Blue Chip FMCG companies & as an Academic & Clinical tutor for the  Institute for Optimum Nutrition. 

Catherine has a B.Ed.(Hons), & a post graduate qualification in Nutritional Therapy from the Institute of Optimum Nutrition (FdSc, DipION), & is mBANT & CNHC Registered & is a past winner of Health & Vitality Honours: Corporate Communication &  engagement 2017 & Cost Sector PS100 2017: Health & Nutrition Award, & finalist in Food Service Catey’s: Extra Mile Award 2015, Health & Vitality Honours: Corporate Communication Engagement 2016, runner up in Health & Vitality Honours: Corporate Vitality Honours, 2019 & the prestigious Catey’s Health & Nutrition Award, 2017